Fluid Testing

Research Polarimeter - Precision Optical Instrument

•Sensitive rotating half shade device

• Having angular and sugar scale from 0° to 360° and +130° to–30° I.S.S. Sub divided into 0.10 micrometer drum enable toread upto 0.05° by estimate workable for use with polarimetertube 200mm.

• Analyser : Glans Thompson Prism.

• Arrangement for 35W sodium lamp light source, input 220V+10% VAC

• Borosil glass tube 200 mm

• Plywood storage cabinet, instruction manual, dust cover supplied.

•The apparatus is used for penetration test on a wide variety of materials such as grease, petroleum , bitumen, tar, wax, polish, food stuff, rubber asphalts and pharmaceutical creams. A given force is applied for a given period of time and a depression is made in the sample which is measured in tenth of milimeter on a vertical rod which can be adjusted for height. A rack and pinion and pointer assembly provides fine adjustment for needle tip to sample and incorporates a slipping clutch mechanism which makes reading of penetration and subsequent resetting of sample for accurate operation.

•Display TypeAnalog

•Usage/ApplicationChemical Laboratory

•Protection ClassIP49, IP50 and IP167

•Dial Graduated0-400 in 1/10 millimeter sub-division

Penetrometer apparatus

Clinical Centrifudge

•Speed 3800 rpm

•Material Mild Steel

•Voltage 220V

•Phase Single

•Frequency 50 Hz

•Max Rcf -1450g

Sayvolt Viscometer

•Made as per ASTMD-88 specifications with Universal and Furol Jets made of Stainless Steel. Stirring is done by hand with turn table arrangement (without Strainer, withdrawl Tube and glass wares). Suitable to operate on 220 Volts AC mains

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